Fernando Rodriguez Rossi

Sustainability, Environmental, Safety and Health Consultant focused on the mining sector. Advising medium/large mining companies.

  • Pursuit of operational excellence with measurable results in EHS.
  • Work hand in hand with executives in the mining sector, committed to responsibility and aiming towards goals that seek excellence in EHS.


Fernando Rodriguez has 20 years of experience leading environmental, safety and health strategies in the mining sector and most recently has started providing advisory services in the industry.

His trajectory has been at Barrick Gold Corporation, in different regional and corporate positions, including a role back in 2014 as Interim Corporate Environmental Vice-President for Barrick Gold Corp in Toronto.  Fernando has led the implementation of improvement plans, providing support and follow up to operations and projects in Papua New Guinea, Australia, United States, Canada, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

Among his main contributions, stands out his leadership role in the development of “Environmental Improvement Plans” focused on risk management and critical controls, which allowed to obtain improvements of approximately 20% in environmental performance and to develop “Health and Safety Management Processes” that reduced incident rates of more than 65%.

Along his professional career has demonstrated a high interest and focus on several technical aspects, leading multi-functional work teams such as hydrology, biodiversity and geochemistry. Fernando has also designed, implemented and followed up EHS management systems, innovative technology programs for EHS controls, especially on water quality.

Fernando earns a Metallurgical Engineer Degree from the University of Lima, an Environmental Science master’s degree from the Colorado School of Mines and a Mining Management Diploma Course from Adolfo Ibanez University.


20 years leading the implementation of Environmental, Safety and Health programs in the mining industry.

Expatriate in Chile (6 years) and Canada (4 years).

Leading teams of up to 50 professionals.

Operational experience in the mining sector applied in the Americas, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East.

RDZ Consulting offers a consulting service with strategic vision in Environment, Safety and Health. This service is aimed at visionary companies that innovate and seek operational excellence, optimizing resources, minimizing costs and to grow business profitability, hand in hand with systems and tools that demonstrate an authentic commitment to sustainability. “We are ready to accompany you in this path of growth”.


By investing in Environment, Health and Safety, with a prevention-oriented commitment in an intelligent way, you can achieve more successful, more responsible and lower cost operations.


Achieving improvements in reportable safety and health incident rates of up to 65%. A consistent annual reduction of 20% in the number of environmental incidents at South America operations.

Development of work teams

Leader of multi-functional work teams, in critical technical aspects to maintain license to operate: hydrology, biodiversity, geochemistry (acid rock drainage), and implementing EHS management programs.

Digitalization and Technology

Implementation of sophisticated online environmental monitoring programs for water quality (cyanide, metals, flows, chemical parameters). Data analysis and interpretation using software intelligence.

EHS Optimization and Improvement

Development of EHS Improvement Plans to obtain measurable achievements that have an impact on management and reputation aspects. Use of innovative systems, software and tools.






Waste Management



Diploma Course in Mining Management, Santiago de Chile, 2008


Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering, Golden, Colorado, United States, 1997- 1998


Metallurgical and Materials Engineer, Lima - Peru, 1990 - 1996


Certified technical auditor of the International Cyanide Code
Verification Service Provider (VSP) Towards Sustainable Mining Mining Association of Canada
Internal Auditor ISO 14001:2015 standard
Internal Auditor ISO 45001:2018 Standard
Member of the John Maxwell Team Leadership Program
Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors in the United States