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  • Compliance Culture

    Compliance Culture

    The foundation of every successful system

    Managing EHS Obligations

    • Use of tools to identify gaps and to ensure proper management of an obligation register including regulatory frameworks, permits, voluntary commitments and others.
    • Software recommendation for managing obligations register, deadlines, responsibilities, follow-up and maintenance over time.

    Audits/Inspections/Gap Assessments

    • Studies, gap assessments, inspections, audits and certifications – Due Diligence to projects, ISO 14001, Cyanide Code, ICMM Principles.
    • Conducting gap assessments for against international standards: IFC, World Bank, Equator Principles, MAC of Canada.

    Contingency Plans

    • Development of contingency plans in mining.
    • Identification of needs and mitigation plans.
    • Review of existing plans, emergency preparedness and development of drills and training scenarios.
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  • Sustainability Approach

    Sustainability Approach

    Hand-in-hand with companies that demonstrate commitment

    Responsible Mining

    • Support in the generation and development of Responsibility Reports.
    • Corporate Governance – tools to measure Environmental, Health and Safety performance.

    Water Management

    • Tools and system to define a “Water Strategy in Mining”.
    • What are the principles and value of water in the organization?
    • Risk management and definition of goals and objectives.
    • Operating plans, tools and actions for the strategy implementation process.

    Mine Closure Plans

    • Development of Mine Closure Plans and cost estimation models.
    • Integration of mine closure into life cycle planning for closure.
      • Going beyond legal requirements considering stakeholders.
      • Cost estimation tools.
      • Conducting gap analysis and plan development to prepare for closure.

    EHS Information translated into “Action”

    • Support in the development of plans for the use of digitization and technology in environmental monitoring and controls, seeking credibility and efficiency of data/information.
    • Use of a gap analysis and identification tool for the implementation of a digitization program.
    • Support in the interpretation of reliable environmental information into informed action (internal and external).
    • Advise organizations on defining strategies to make environmental information transparent to stakeholders.
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  • Risk Management And Controls

    Risk Management And Controls

    Invest in prevention to minimize costs

    Change Management

    • Development of standards and procedures for the identification of changes that generate risks to the organization, which requires a comprehensive management methodology.

    Risk Management

    • Management of environmental risks using methodologies adapted to the client’s needs: Bowtie, Hazop, HazId.
    • Use of advanced software for risk identification.

    Critical Controls

    • Identification of EHS critical risks and controls to avoid incidents or severe unwanted events that significantly impact the environment and the reputation of the organization.

    Cyanide and Mercury in Gold Mining

    • Expert in developing a strategy for handling, using and disposing materials in the gold industry – Mercury and Cyanide.
    • Conducting Initial and Re-certification Audits on the Cyanide Code. Certified Technical Auditor registered in the ICMI
    • Pre-audits for assessing compliance with code requirements. Identification of gaps and practical solutions for companies seeking to comply with the code principles.
    • Mercury Management: Hg balances, metallurgical process controls, emission  sources, occupational health, safety and environmental risk mitigation plans, storage controls, support in disposal or reuse strategies.
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  • Leadership And Accountability

    Leadership And Accountability

    We are all committed to excellence

    EHS Leadership Programs

    • Implementation, development and execution of Leadership programs in EHS (very soon using methods of the successful Leadership program John Maxwell Team).
    • Methods to define recognition programs for Environmental Excellence based on “Behavioral Drivers”.
    • EHS Compliance, Commitment and Awareness, Communication and Training.

    Strong Management Systems

    • Verification reviews and audits in the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. Experience in implementation, follow-up, certification and maintenance of ISO systems.

    High Performance Teams

    • Implementation of EHS skills and competence tools in the mining sector.
    • Development of a talent management program based on identifying “EHS technical and leadership skills” among the staff with the purpose of developing a strong and measurable succession line.
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