Compliance Culture

The foundation of every successful system

Managing EHS Obligations

  • Use of tools to identify gaps and to ensure proper management of an obligation register including regulatory frameworks, permits, voluntary commitments and others.
  • Software recommendation for managing obligations register, deadlines, responsibilities, follow-up and maintenance over time.

Audits/Inspections/Gap Assessments

  • Studies, gap assessments, inspections, audits and certifications – Due Diligence to projects, ISO 14001, Cyanide Code, ICMM Principles.
  • Conducting gap assessments for against international standards: IFC, World Bank, Equator Principles, MAC of Canada.

Contingency Plans

  • Development of contingency plans in mining.
  • Identification of needs and mitigation plans.
  • Review of existing plans, emergency preparedness and development of drills and training scenarios.