Sustainability Approach

Hand-in-hand with companies that demonstrate commitment

Climate Change

  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptability strategies.

Responsible Mining

  • Support in the generation and development of Responsibility Reports.
  • Corporate Governance – tools to measure Environmental, Health and Safety performance.
  • Development and implementation of a strategic sustainability plan
  • Development and implementation of the Sustainability Report.

Water Management

  • Tools and system to define a “Water Strategy in Mining”.
  • What are the principles and value of water in the organization?
  • Risk management and definition of goals and objectives.
  • Operating plans, tools and actions for the strategy implementation process.

Mine Closure Plans

  • Development of Mine Closure Plans and cost estimation models.
  • Integration of mine closure into life cycle planning for closure.
    • Going beyond legal requirements considering stakeholders.
    • Cost estimation tools.
    • Conducting gap analysis and plan development to prepare for closure.

EHS Information translated into “Action”

  • Support in the development of plans for the use of digitization and technology in environmental monitoring and controls, seeking credibility and efficiency of data/information.
  • Use of a gap analysis and identification tool for the implementation of a digitization program.
  • Support in the interpretation of reliable environmental information into informed action (internal and external).
  • Advise organizations on defining strategies to make environmental information transparent to stakeholders.